O Scale SW-1 Switcher


Pre Ordering Of These Models Is Closed

The photos are of the first model completed. I will be delivering models starting in late June. Thanks to the people who pre ordered the models. Your deposits made the project possible. We received 21 orders and I will be working on those first. When those orders are complete I will offer the models again on a first come first serve basis until any remaining inventory is gone.

This will be limited run model constructed primarily of brass etchings and
brass castings. Motor mounts and body bolsters will be a plastic type of

The prototype had a long production run and long service life. As a result
there are many variations in details. It is not the intent of this model to address
all these variations but a few major variations can be accommodated. The
model can be had with arched cab windows or rectangle cab windows. The
sloped hood at the cab can be had as a sloped hood or stepped hood. Lastly the
head lights can be the older style single or later twin seal beam variety. These
variations will be noted on the order form.

The model can be powered by us or sold with no power, drive, or wheels so
the owner can have a custom drive installed should he desire. We will supply a
Pittman 8212 motor with a 19.1 to 1 gear reduction. The gear boxes on the axles
will be a material similar to nylon with 10 tooth 1:1 drive 45 degree steel
helical gears.

The trucks are our own new design with brass castings and brass etchings.
They can be supplied in O Scale or P:48 track gauge. The brake shoes and slack
adjuster are the same nylon type of material as the gear box. This was done to
prevent shorting if the brake shoe or slack adjuster touch the wheels. The
trucks are equalized. There are nylon type mounts for electrical
wipers that contact the back of the wheels.

The models are made entirely in the United States from all new patters and
etching art work. These models will be assembled by me and sold through my
S Scale Track Works web site. These are O Scale models. For convenience I
will be running all transactions through the S Scale Track Works web site.
The models will require a deposit of $700.00 when ordering a model. The
models will be shipped in the order that the deposits are received. The balance
is due when the model is shipped. Deposits open on February 6th, 2023 and
close on April 3rd, 2023. A pre order discount of $200.00 is applied to all models
reserved and pre ordered prior to April 3rd, 2023. Any models that are
produced as an over run will be sold at the additional $200.00 until they are


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Additional information

Cab Windows

Arched Cab Windows, Rectangle Cab Windows

Hood Slope

Stepped Hood, Sloped Hood

Headlight Type

Single Head Light, Seal Beam Head Light

Power Option

Ready To Run Model based on options selected above, Model Less All Drive Components Including Wheels